How to Choose Your Next Dream Home

There are many people all over the world who are constantly looking for their dream home and it can be a difficult task to find a home that fits all of your needs unless you are getting someone to build it for you brick by brick. For those who prefer to buy a home that […]

Best of Nashville 2016: Vote for us!

The House Painters is arguably the best painting services provider in Nashville if not the entire world. Our commitment towards delivering exemplary services is more than enough proof why our services are highly sought after. So, have you voted for us to scoop the best house painter’s award? Do not miss out on this opportunity […]

3 Ways To Freshen Your Home

Need a swift update to your home? Try one of these 3 ways to freshen your rooms all in a day’s work. Make your door a welcoming experience Things like a fresh coat of paint, a new knocker or even a shiny knob can really do the trick when it comes to small enhancements renewing […]

5 Signs It’s Time For a Fresh Paint Job

It can be pretty difficult to determine whether or not it’s time for your home to get a fresh paint job. Between scheduling, and locating someone reliable can be pretty daunting. An analysis of  your home’s exterior is sometimes necessary for this process. Take a look at the following 5 Signs it is time for a […]

Daily Bread: Germantown

Germantown is a small yet vibrant community in the mid-south. Germantown has been traditionally known as a blue-collar neighborhood inhabited by generations of families that remain loyal to the area. With its many eclectic shops and homes, the area is undergoing a transition as it attracts a younger, innovative crowd to move to the neighborhood. […]

Front Door Color Ideas For Spring

The front door is the entry to your domain, it is the welcome point for guests and visitors, making the color of the door a metaphoric welcoming party. Deciding the right color for your door is essential in creating the perfect vibe for your residence. The door color must be decided based on the interior […]

Home Selling Tips For Spring

The real estate market is not exactly in its full glory; selling a house can be difficult and even tougher is getting the right price. The ideal home for a new buyer on the market is something that seems like it jumped out of a magazine. If you’re trying to sell your home and want […]

6 Perfect Plants For Curb Appeal

Its tough selling a house without taking a loss, although the real estate market is improving, certain factors always make it tougher to get the best price for your property. One of these factors is curb appeal. There are some very easy and low maintenance ways in which you can increase your home’s curb appeal […]

Paint Color Of The Year 2016

Now that we’ve rolled into the new year it’s the season for bringing in the PPG’s paint color of the year 2016. Many consumers are excited to find new hues that compliment the aesthetic of their interior decor. PPG is calling Paradise Found a winner for 2016. As this new green with blue undertone is hitting the […]

5 New Years Resolutions For The Home

There are many different ways you can walk into the new year. The first is to simply tote your old furniture into it, maybe leave the same paisley wallpaper up, or start fresh. 2016 should be an invitation to bring some of those beautiful colors to your walls and scrap the home decor that doesn’t […]