4 Simple Holiday Tips for the Home


When you’re preparing your home for the holidays, the last thing you want is a home that’s disorganized or cold. Everything from the way your home smells, to your home decor are things to consider when preparing for company. Think about the last time you actually put in some real work on your home for the holidays. We’ve gathered a list of different touches to consider this season. Enjoy these 4 simple holiday tips for the home!

1. Add a hint of pine.

There’s nothing more satisfying that having the smell of pine trees grace your home. Whether you are getting a real tree or an artificial one is no excuse. If you do opt-in getting an artificial tree, try snagging a few candles with pine scent or take it a step further and use ScentScicles. It smells just like fresh cut pine and it lasts about 30 days (enough time to ease into the holiday season).

2. Make a wreath.

There are so many wreaths available at home good stores, but what will really set your door apart is to have a DIY wreath to welcome all! Understandably, people are still busy ripping and running during the holiday season whether they have traveling, shopping or work to do. The handy thing about wreaths is that it takes minimal time and you’ll have a unique piece you can be proud of. If you aren’t using pine, you can even save it for next year. Find materials that inspire you, an oval template, and you’re golden!

3. Bring on the paint!

Holiday paint colors are so important when you want to truly get into the holiday spirit. Most of the time, you can find a color expert who can show you some options on interior paint whether you’re doing a complete revamp or just touching up a room. Fresh paint is always good for the home so you can never go wrong. We can take care of this, so give us a quick call to tell us your budget, unique project, and we’ll get to work ASAP. Call The House Painters at: (615) 975-6464

4. Funky Ornaments.

If you celebrate Christmas, bring on the funky ornaments! Classic green, red and white bulbs are a bore. Tap into your personality a bit and find some inspiration. This year, I was able to take buttons that normally I would use for something like a denim jacket and I created ornaments using a small piece of wire. Easy does it! You can literally take anything your heart desires and make it into an ornament or find fun characters or figures that work nicely with you aesthetic.

These simple holiday tips can be as fun as you make them out to be. Bring on the fleece, fires, and unapologetic binge eating. It’s what the holiday season is really about, right?