5 DIY Halloween Decor Ideas


Trick or treatin’ time is around the corner and you’ve got a few parties to attend or maybe you are thinking of throwing a party at your place this year. You’re in luck because there are some really fun DIY party decor ideas that will make it worth the hangover. Here’s a list of 5 DIY Halloween party decor ideas.


Spider webs

Yes, clichéd, but never too much, the spider web is and always will be a favorite Halloween décor. Nothing is creepier than a spider web and the feeling of creepy crawlies around is a good touch to any Halloween party. A yarn ball, double sided tape and a tutorial video is all it takes to make the perfect spider-web.


Glowing pumpkins

Neon and all things “glowy” is all the rage nowadays at parties, so why not a pumpkin painted with glow in the dark paint. It just takes a little glow in the dark paint, widely sold pumpkins and a black light. So go, paint away and decorate to your heart’s content.


Chicken wire spirits

That glow in the dark paint won’t go to waste – you will need them for the ultimate eerie looking ghosts on the lawn made out of chicken wire. This one’s so dramatic its fun. Just use any kind of fencing that’s easy enough to mold and shape it to look like human like figures, paint portions of it with the UV paint and then cover it up with old white sheets. Voila! Your lawn ghost is ready to make some exciting scares.


Hanging wisp

Wisps or otherwise known as mythical animal spirits are small lit orbs of sorts and they can be nicely re-created inside your house with balloons, UV or glow in the dark paint and some white sheets. Just tie strings to the balloon, with one end tied to the floor, leaving the balloon high enough to come face to face with anyone. Now paint the balloon and the sheets with UV paint and turn the black light on, the animal spirits now are your party guests, so be nice.


Frankenstein door

A personal favorite, this one is never out of trend. It’s got the Halloween vibe, it’s funny and it’s freakin’ Frankenstein! It’s a cool way to welcome and deducts the need for a door-mat, all you need is a pair of scissors, white, black colored crafting paper and other colors if you want to give it character, but the basic idea is to make cut-outs for the eyes, the mouth, the signature hair and the plugs on booth side at the bottom. Its classy, simple and a great DIY décor piece for Halloween.


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