5 New Years Resolutions For The Home


There are many different ways you can walk into the new year. The first is to simply tote your old furniture into it, maybe leave the same paisley wallpaper up, or start fresh. 2016 should be an invitation to bring some of those beautiful colors to your walls and scrap the home decor that doesn’t play much of a part as far as functionality. Whether it’s fresh linen for your bed, tossing that vintage sofa or adding some art you can appreciate, here are a few New Years Resolutions to get your home ideas gearing up for the new year. 

5. Freshen up those walls


Your sister, mother and everyone on the block has been encouraging you to change that wall color for years and 2016 is the perfect time to do that. Why not add a refreshing color that is featured on Pantone’s 2016 color watch?

4. Toss grandma’s hand-me-down sofa


It was cute for a few years when you were first moving in but it’s time to save up and get that staple for your living room. Try to catch a good deal for the couch of your dreams. Trust me, you’ll feel more confident with this than with a floral print number you would prefer not to even be asked about.

3. Add some art


Take some time and find your pallet for art and design. There’s nothing like warming up your home with local art that you can admire each stroll you make past it. If you’ve got an old art piece you worked on in college, see if that fits the bill with your renewed space.

2. Keep your home clean


This seems like such a task for so many who are leaving the house by six and returning around seven. Between picking up after dogs and/or kids, you’ve got a lot to juggle in order to ensure your home is in pristine condition. Try to make a habit of tidying every other evening even if it has to become something you pencil in. There’s nothing worse than an unexpected guest stopping by with a mess on your hands. Be ready for the unexpected! Plus, it just keeps great to come home to a clean house.

1. Experiment


Don’t be afraid to try something new in the year 2016. You may have given the ‘meh’ face to many opportunities to go beyond your regular home decor preference but try something new and you may surprise yourself. Your home is all about you and what makes you comfortable but instead on focusing on only the necessities, challenge yourself to invite something new to your doorstep.