6 Perfect Plants For Curb Appeal


Its tough selling a house without taking a loss, although the real estate market is improving, certain factors always make it tougher to get the best price for your property. One of these factors is curb appeal. There are some very easy and low maintenance ways in which you can increase your home’s curb appeal which will have a dramatic effect over the selling numbers attached to your home. Try plants for instance, the following are low maintenance plants and trees that drastically change the way in which your home appeals to potential buyers. Here are the 6 perfect plants for curb appeal.

Crepe Myrtle



The crepe myrtle is the ideal choice when it comes to low maintenance plants that can easily beautify a curb. These are survivors to the root, they love hot and sunny climates. These bloom during summer, when most trees are regenerating. These can grow up to 25 ft., so a little light pruning should do them good. This is a must on the list of 6 perfect plants for curb appeal.

Sugar Maple


This colorful native is a provider and does never disappoints during fall with its gorgeous display of foliage. The sugar maple is not picky about soil and adapts well to all temperature and weather. It can also provide you with syrup when the time is right, just the tap the sap and you should have a healthy supply right from the yard. Plant it away from the roadside as salt rom ice melters can harm the tree.

Smoke Tree


The Jimi Hendrix of trees, the colors of this tree make for an amazing show throughout the year making the Smoke Tree #3 on the list of 6 perfect plants for curb appeal. They love the hot and dry weather and are not too picky about the soil, since they can grow just about anywhere. It sports pink wispy bloom clusters in the summer, which turns in a sunny yellow, red or orange during the fall and remain purple, gold or green, during the rest of the year.

Saucer Magnolia


This spring tree is not affected by the weather, it thrives well in dry or wet climates and does well in any soil, particularly clay or rich, well-draining loams. In March, it puts up a show with fragrant white and purple flowers.

Colorado Blue Spruce


This coniferous, if given enough room, will thrive anywhere. Makes for a great nesting space for birds, requires little to no maintenance, and the acorns make for a great display during the fall.

Northern Red Oak


This native is known for its strength and having served generations of this country. These mature at 150 years old and live double the time. These are providers too, shade in the summer, fire wood in the winter, acorns for critters throughout the year. They turn a gorgeous fire engine-red in fall, making for a great show.

Curb maintenance plays an important role apart from growing plants and trees around it. Always plant with a plan, spread ‘em out in a pattern, understand each plants’ maturity cycles. Don’t be swooped by catalog plants, go with the ones that are naturally adaptable and do not need much maintenance. Understand your plants and trees, try to create a mix of seasonal bloomers, there must be colors throughput the year.



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