Awesome Interior Designs in Local Nashville Businesses

Nashville is a great city that stands out above the rest. As music city, we are known for stepping out when it comes to style, but that isn’t just for our clothing choices.

With the stars bringing in some of the greatest interior designers, the homes of Nashville are some of the most impressive. They are taking a step away from the country feel, and onto something more edgy and modern.

Even the businesses have been stepping up their game. We want to take some time to showcase some of our favorite places to hang out that have done an impressive job at creating an atmosphere worth seeing.

Barista Parlor

Barista Parlor

Nashville’s best looking coffee shop. We are almost certain Barista Parlor appears more on instagram, than any other place in the city. We all love their coffee and biscuits, but there is just something extra special about the look and feel of this place.

Imogene + Willie

Imogene + Willie

Imogene and Willie have been taking over with their amazing denim. People from near and far come to grab a pair of these things because they are just that good. But what I have noticed is that people visiting from out of town that just don’t have the money to spend at a place like this, have been showing up anyways because the store is just so gorgeous.

Pinewood Social

Pinewood Social

Pinewood Social is Nashville grown-up, and classy play place. It has the best everything from coffee, food, cocktails, bowling, and even a pool. I had no idea you could make a place bowling themed, and have it look that amazing.

Parlor and Juke

Parlor & Juke

Everyone’s favorite hair salon. Parlor and Juke went over and above to make the atmosphere stand out above the rest. Every time I walk in I am so impressed and it has me wanting to go back time and time again, not to mention my haircut is always amazing too.

But are you noticing the one thing they all had in common?


Nashville white living room

White is becoming more and more popular as the color you want to be painting not only your business, but also your home. We are seeing more homes be transformed and brightened up just with a fresh white facelift. There is so much freedom when painting your walls white, you don’t have any commitment to have to match the wall color. If white is too bright for you, the next best option would be to pick a light neutral color, perhaps more on the cream side. We are seeing it be done, and we are loving it.

Nashville white interior