Bedroom Ambiance For Good Sleep

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Are you achieving your best sleep? Your bedroom is a place to both relax and unwind. It’s time to begin reworking your bedroom ambiance for good sleep. When resting, it is best to set the scene. Eliminate pesky old mattresses, keep the temperature moderate, avoid loud noise and light. It’s expected that you will need to wake up and tackle the day, but this is merely impossible after only a few short, unsatisfying hours of sleep.



Believe it or not, having a cluttered or dusty room has been associated with lack of sleep. This is an opportunity for you to revamp your space and avoid the insomnia that has been a result of cluttered quarters. Whip out the cleaning supplies and get organized to get the best bedroom ambiance for good sleep. There are even people who will come to your doorstep and help you get organized and clean.

Light Shades and curtains are your friends.

They help you get the sleep you need without the distraction of outdoor lights. This is a concern in a city that may never sleep but just as prominent in a suburb with a cued street lamp. Try picking a calming curtain, close doors, and go into a sleeping bliss.


Now we’re getting to the crux of it all – the bed. Make sure you are minding the cleanliness and comfort of your sheets and ensure the mattress you are using is one that is accomodating for you. Make sure your bed is also positioned where the sun isn’t frying your face, but also that you’re not sleeping through the daylight.



Here’s the fun part. You need to set the tone by adding soothing scents and best of all, make you feel relaxed and happy. Try using aromatherapy. Incorporate a personal favorite, lavender. Add balance to your room with a beautiful crisp and subtle paint job. Blues, purples, and yellows will help generate peace within your bedroom.5

The color of your bedroom not only has an impact on the look of the space, but it can also affect the way the room makes you feel. “It all boils down to two color groups,” says Louisiana-based interior designer and owner of Full Spectrum Paints, Ellen Kennon: “Cool colors bring you into yourself, while warm colors are more suited for social rooms where you want to stimulate communication and creativity.”

If you’re trying to create a serene space, opt for a muted blue, which is considered the most calming shade. According to a survey conducted by Travelodge, participants who slept in a blue room got the best night’s sleep, clocking in an average of 7 hours and 52 minutes of sleep per night. Moss green, pale yellow, and silver followed close behind.

-Real Simple


Separate work from sleep.

Be able to establish your room as the place of sleep and comfort. Consider this a room to re-charge and be refreshed for the next day. By separating this from your office or work atmosphere, there will be a clear distinction of when it’s time to rest and when it’s time to grind.

Hopefully these tips will send you in to dreamland in no time. Have a great week!