Best of Nashville 2015 Voting

It’s that time again folks!

Each year the Nashville Scene puts out a “Best Of” list for our great city. They have endless categories and all it takes is Nashville locals simply visiting the website to cast their votes. It’s an amazing way to see what are the true favorites of those living in Nashville.

Everyone is raving about Hattie B’s, but us locals know who really has the best hot chicken in Nashville ; )

The list has just about everything on it, from best drag queen to best place to worship. This year we want to continue to hold our place at the top.

We are asking that you help us by visiting the website and voting for The House Painters as your favorite house painters in Nashville. Not only would it be exciting for us, but it would also help many home and business owners know whom to call to get the best job done on their next project.

Thanks for your help, and we look forward to making it another year at the top!

best of nashville 2015

Voting Instructions:

  1. Visit the Best of Nashville 2015 Voting Page
  2. Sign in with Facebook (they won’t post on your wall)
  3. Let the voting begin! We are located on the second page of the survey in the Home, Goods and Services section under Best House Painter
  4. SUBMIT!


  • You don’t have to answer every question
  • You must answer at least 20 questions in order for your answers to be counted. A tally of answered questions will be listed at the top of the page as you progress.
  • Voting ends September 4

Thanks for your vote!