THP’s 2017 Spring Paint Picks

Spring’s been flirting with us. One day it’s chilly and the next, it’s over 72 degrees and we’re whipping out our cut-offs. There’s always going to be a new color catching the spotlight for each season. This Spring we wanted to share a few of our favorites that we insist you incorporate for your next […]

3 Tech Devices You’ll Want for Your Home in 2017

2017, where did the time go? There have been ads for tech devices we probably no little to nothing about and now that the holiday season has exited stage left, it’s time to treat yourself with a few that you truly don’t want to pass up on. 1. Air Purifiers Interior air quality, particularly in the […]

4 Sites to Find All of Your Home Decor

There’s no denying the satisfaction we get from shopping at well-known home furnishing or decor shops like Target, Ikea and even Room & Board. But what if I told you there are 4 stellar home decor brands that have yet to grace your living room? Believe it or not, there are tables, throws and simple […]

4 Simple Holiday Tips for the Home

When you’re preparing your home for the holidays, the last thing you want is a home that’s disorganized or cold. Everything from the way your home smells, to your home decor are things to consider when preparing for company. Think about the last time you actually put in some real work on your home for the […]

Painting Company License Lookup TN

A distressing amount of our clients hire us to fix a poor painting job done by a less than reputable painting company. It’s heartbreaking to see people spend their money and get a terrible or unfinished painting job in return and then have to hire us to do the job correctly. How it Happens A painting company will […]

Fall Favorites for your Home 2016

There are people who love a certain season of the year for a very specific reason. For many of us, fall is the ultimate season and we like to celebrate it in different ways and by making certain changes or acquiring new things for our homes. In this article, we are going to be mentioning […]

How to Choose Your Next Dream Home

There are many people all over the world who are constantly looking for their dream home and it can be a difficult task to find a home that fits all of your needs unless you are getting someone to build it for you brick by brick. For those who prefer to buy a home that […]

Best of Nashville 2016: Vote for us!

The House Painters is arguably the best painting services provider in Nashville if not the entire world. Our commitment towards delivering exemplary services is more than enough proof why our services are highly sought after. So, have you voted for us to scoop the best house painter’s award? Do not miss out on this opportunity […]

3 Ways To Freshen Your Home

Need a swift update to your home? Try one of these 3 ways to freshen your rooms all in a day’s work. Make your door a welcoming experience Things like a fresh coat of paint, a new knocker or even a shiny knob can really do the trick when it comes to small enhancements renewing […]

5 Signs It’s Time For a Fresh Paint Job

It can be pretty difficult to determine whether or not it’s time for your home to get a fresh paint job. Between scheduling, and locating someone reliable can be pretty daunting. An analysis of  your home’s exterior is sometimes necessary for this process. Take a look at the following 5 Signs it is time for a […]