Best Painters In Nashville

Best of Nashville 2017

THE HOUSE PAINTERS were voted Nashville Scene’s BEST PAINTER IN NASHVILLE from 2012-2017. We at The House Painters would like to extend our thanks to all of Nashville for voting for us as the Best Painters in town! We are truly humbled and excited to continue providing superior service that has gained us this reputation. […]

Best of Nashville 2017 Voting

Best of Nashville 2017

The House Painters is arguably the best painting services provider in Nashville if not the entire world. Our commitment towards delivering exemplary services is more than enough proof why our services are highly sought after. So, have you voted for us to scoop the best house painter’s award? Do not miss out on this opportunity […]

Home Selling Tips For Spring

The real estate market is not exactly in its full glory; selling a house can be difficult and even tougher is getting the right price. The ideal home for a new buyer on the market is something that seems like it jumped out of a magazine. If you’re trying to sell your home and want […]

Paint Color Of The Year 2016

Now that we’ve rolled into the new year it’s the season for bringing in the PPG’s paint color of the year 2016. Many consumers are excited to find new hues that compliment the aesthetic of their interior decor. PPG is calling Paradise Found a winner for 2016. As this new green with blue undertone is hitting the […]

5 New Years Resolutions For The Home

There are many different ways you can walk into the new year. The first is to simply tote your old furniture into it, maybe leave the same paisley wallpaper up, or start fresh. 2016 should be an invitation to bring some of those beautiful colors to your walls and scrap the home decor that doesn’t […]

Interior Painting For The Holidays

The most popular renovation trends are around the holidays and why not, after all, it’s the time to bring in the new years and what better way than reincarnating the walls of your home with some fresh new colors. You wouldn’t want just a regular Joe to work those walls for you, you need professional […]

Color Palettes For Autumn Gatherings

It’s time for the temperatures to go down, cooling begins and leaves change, which means fall is just around the corner. This also means that it is time for your home décor to match the richness of the season, it is only appropriate to deepen the colors around you. The autumn color palette can be very […]

Best of Nashville 2015 Voting

best of nashville 2015

It’s that time again folks! Each year the Nashville Scene puts out a “Best Of” list for our great city. They have endless categories and all it takes is Nashville locals simply visiting the website to cast their votes. It’s an amazing way to see what are the true favorites of those living in Nashville. […]

Color Combinations To Avoid

The understanding of color and color theory is the key to good interior decoration. After all color is what transform a block of walls into a desired room. Color theory enables you to make the best out of a room in need of upliftment, by creating an understanding that color can visually increase or decrease […]

Why Hire A Professional Painting Company?

Because it matters in the long run. Yes, a professional service has the expertise on making the right decisions for your painting requirements. A professional painting company that has the experience and is known for it’s work will give you the bang for your buck. Here’s how:- It’s professional This is the most important factor […]