Kitchen Cabinet Painting Ideas

The worst thing that can happen to your gorgeous kitchen is some ugly paint. Cabinet painting can make all the difference in the beauty of your kitchen. Colors that are too bright can be too much in the morning, and the darker ones can make the start of your day a drab one. The ideas we […]

The Dangers Of Lead Paint

I remember moving into an old home signing a lead paint disclosure form with the promise that I  would not ingest the paint on the walls. I replied with “I’ll try to contain myself” but curiosity hit me and I started to wonder what the harm was in paint before 1978. Here’s what I found: […]

Bedroom Ambiance For Good Sleep

Are you achieving your best sleep? Your bedroom is a place to both relax and unwind. It’s time to begin reworking your bedroom ambiance for good sleep. When resting, it is best to set the scene. Eliminate pesky old mattresses, keep the temperature moderate, avoid loud noise and light. It’s expected that you will need […]

2015 Color Trends

For Nashville, 2015 color trends invite a new way to look at luxury, up cycling, color and craftsmanship. Color can bring the right transformation and energy to warm your space. Using color at home in a decorating scheme can sometimes be a bit of a a challenge. This is why it’s important to select the color that’s […]

Interior Decorating to Fight Depression

Depression is complex. It’s a status of mind which can bring serious altercation with human behavior which ultimately upsets even the harmony of stability, in a broad sense. An uncontrolled state of depression seriously affects all the activities of any individual and brings far reaching biological and metabolic dysfunctions in their daily life. Colors and […]

Creative Ways to Use Painters Tape

As you could imagine, being crafty in Donelson, Hermitage, Madison, German Town, Whites Creek and even Midtown can come with a price.  Now there are fun ways that people are using a few bucks on painters tape to really bring creativity to their home. So what is so special about painters tape? One of the many reasons painters and […]

Removing Paint

You’re face to face with an old paint job and you’re dying to find a way to start fresh. Removing paint from any surface can pose challenges if you don’t have the right supplies or techniques for a successful paint removal. People often put off paint removal projects due to the time involved. You can […]

Interior House Painting for the Winter

Like the great bears of the wild, it is no secret that hibernation is a must when the temperature drops. And although hot chocolate and a warm fire sound intriguing, it is also a great time of the year to start on some interior house painting. When dealing with smaller spaces, lean more towards lighter […]

Awesome Interior Designs in Local Nashville Businesses

Nashville is a great city that stands out above the rest. As music city, we are known for stepping out when it comes to style, but that isn’t just for our clothing choices. With the stars bringing in some of the greatest interior designers, the homes of Nashville are some of the most impressive. They […]

Female House Painter

We are very excited to introduce one of our newest additions to The House Painters team. Katie, contacted me back in May, with the desire to leave her full time job and explore what it would look like to work along side myself and our professional crew. With her passion for painting and her eye […]