Best of Nashville 2015 Voting

best of nashville 2015

It’s that time again folks! Each year the Nashville Scene puts out a “Best Of” list for our great city. They have endless categories and all it takes is Nashville locals simply visiting the website to cast their votes. It’s an amazing way to see what are the true favorites of those living in Nashville. […]

Painting for the Fall

With the summer officially gone, exterior house painting might seem a bit tricky. Although it is very doable, there are a few variables that must be taken into account. The obvious one, weather, will have some scratching their heads. Be sure to avoid temperatures below 45 degrees, so that stain and sealer can properly cure. […]

Painting Hardwood Floors

During the holiday weekend, I found myself watching The Bourne Legacy. The movie was entertaining but what caught my eye was this beautiful, old house. The painted hardwoods are exquisite. From a bit of research, I’ve discovered that it was a set modeled after the Dr. Oliver Bronson House in Hudson, NY. I realized that […]