Color Palettes For Autumn Gatherings


It’s time for the temperatures to go down, cooling begins and leaves change, which means fall is just around the corner. This also means that it is time for your home décor to match the richness of the season, it is only appropriate to deepen the colors around you. The autumn color palette can be very warm and is very broader than the colors of the environment around you. Let’s have a look at the palette that may inspire you for to bring warmth into your home during the season of gatherings and celebrations. Here are your color palettes for autumn gatherings:


The perfect hue for the season, this pretty hue can be very easily put together and can be very romantic if done well.

Cranberry, Brown and light blue

This very warm palette is not your average or everyday combination. If applied well this can create a perfect look that will make for the perfect celebratory vibe.


Emerald and Ivory

This palette makes for a very elegant combination. It reminds of the gorgeousness to come in the New Year.

Cranberry and Orange

This traditional combination is a whole lot of gorgeous will never go out of style.

Orange and light blue

Probably seldom combined ever, this combination can make for perfect rusty styling for vintage décor.


Berry tones

This palette is a mix of all berry tones, from peach to cranberry to blackberry, so much sweetness that makes for the perfect and gorgeous wedding palette.


The balanced and natural softness of this beautiful tone gives a very cozy look. A bit of silver and red makes it the perfect set.

Orange and Ivory

This autumnal tone of burnt orange and ivory will do wonders for any setup that has a rustic look.


Gray, Blue and Ivory

Apart from beige, this is another neutral palette that can be unexpectedly pretty. Add shades of brown to this mix of charcoal gray and navy blue and the richness of it all is unmatched.

Blue, Ivory and Gold

Deep blue tones mixed with metallic shades can make the look very elegant. Add a bit of Ivory and you have perfect romantic setup.

Berry and Gold

For that rich and elegant feel to your wedding or any celebratory gatherings, a mix of berry tones with a touch of gold and gorgeousness unfolds.

Yellow and Green

For a very earthy and natural palette for mountain or wood homes, this palette is vibrant and fills the setup with sunshine-filled gorgeousness.

Green, Blue and Ivory

This sober yet clean tone makes the perfect palette for any grand affair. It can be playful and elegant at the same time.

Cranberry, Green and Ivory

A very natural mix of soft tones, this palette can be effortlessly put together and makes for a very naturally romantic setup.


Gold, Yellow and Ivory

For this season of celebrations, a palette full of rich and elegant shades of gold, yellow and ivory makes for the perfect palette that can be effortlessly used in autumn gatherings and celebrations.