How To Create The Perfect Sleep Environment

After running around for a full day or plugging away on your laptop, you look forward to coming home to a comfortable, soothing environment and of course, a good night’s sleep. Creating your perfect sleep sanctuary is easier than you think because sometimes it takes a little more than Tempurpedic to get you to sleep heaven. Whether your room is big, small or shared, here is a list of things to try when trying to perfect your restful space.

Keep your room cool

When you prepare to go to sleep, your body will typically cool down so having your room temperature set at low to mid-sixties helps with the process. In a 4-month study, it was determined that sleeping in a 66-degree room burns more calories while awake.


Part of perfecting a restful night’s sleep includes a calm and relaxing atmosphere. This means using lavender and vanilla. Essential oils are preferred as fragrant oils are synthetic. Try using a diffuser or putting a bit of lavender on your pulse points.


Making sure you have a bed that’s less than 10 years old is essential to a peaceful sleep. This means making sure your pillows are nice and comfortable and that’s not a lot to ask if you spend a third of your life sleeping.

Paint your room

The color of your room can really impact how long and how well you sleep. A study in Great Britain showed that colors like blue, yellow and green, helped the overall sleep cycle for adults. If you’re looking for recommendations on certain colors for the season, get in touch with one of our color experts at The House Painters assist.