What To Do When You Find Mold In Your Home

1. Remove Moldy Carpet

You can easily scrub away surface mold in bathrooms, showers, decks with a 1-8 bleach water solution. However, mold grows in discrete regions that you won’t notice until you start seeing surface staining or detect a musty smell.

If you have to large mold covering more than 2-3 square feet having a strong musty odor or causing extensive damage, we recommend special precautions. You want to avoid contaminating the house and protect yourself from inhaling a high concentration of mold spores.


  • Wear old clothes and boots that you can dispose of after the cleaning process
  • Wear special respirators, goggles, and gloves.
  • Fold and tape moldy carpeting in 7-mil plastic and bag infested debris and dispose of them.
  • Moisten moldy areas with a garden sprayer as you work to control airborne spores.
  • Turn off your air conditioner, furnace and cover ducts and doors to contain the spores from manifesting.

You have to open up the wall to get rid of the mold inside. Since you will be repairing the wall, don’t feel hesitant about cutting the drywall to find all the mold.

2. Clean Up and Repair.

Complete the cleanup by clearing the debris with a vacuum cleaner. Clean the wet and dry vacuum cleaner thoroughly after disposing the filter and carefully washing the tank hose and other attachments with a bleach solution.

After thoroughly scrubbing the surface, allow the bleach solution to penetrate the surfaces and dry up. Wash the concrete floors with automatic dishwasher detergent, TSP or chlorinated cleaner.

Set up dehumidifiers and fans to dry the cleaned areas for three consecutive days and check out for mold. If you notice more mold, repeat the cleaning process.

3. Repaint Wall Surfaces

After eradicating the mold, you need to seal the wood surfaces with oil-based primer or pigmented shellac. Your walls need to be repainted by a professional Nashville house painter.

Contact us for the painting of your walls and wood surfaces to bring beauty back into your home after a mold invasion. We care about your household and health as well as the aesthetics so contact us today for a fresh paint job once your mold troubles are taken care of.