Home Selling Tips For Spring


The real estate market is not exactly in its full glory; selling a house can be difficult and even tougher is getting the right price. The ideal home for a new buyer on the market is something that seems like it jumped out of a magazine. If you’re trying to sell your home and want home selling tips for spring while being the one who beats the race to the best price, you must take care of and look after some important aspects that buyers look for when finalizing their investment on the property. Here are some tricks of the trade – 7 home selling tips for spring.

1. Most home sellers go online first, before even contacting agents. In case you want your home to be the most shortlisted listing on any housing website, you must upload a few pictures from the best view of your home. According to Trulia.com, property listings with more than six pictures are most likely to shortlisted, increasing the chance to be sold.

2. Lawn and curb maintenance are what keeps your property a sight to look at. Buyers want to be attracted at first glance, and the lawn is what welcomes them into the property, so make sure you have enough greens and the right décor to attract the right buyer towards your property.

3. The entrance to your home is the front door; it is the point that welcomes the buyer into the home. The color of the door and the décor around it, which also includes the exterior paint, will set a level of expectations for the buyer. This is important because you want the buyer to feel a sense of welcome into space they just tried imagining and if it exceeds expectations you’ve hit the bull’s eye.

4. Lighting is very important because of obvious reasons; the home has to be bright and full of vibrancy, anything too dull and under-lit will keep the buyer from understanding the dynamics of space. But you don’t want it too over-lit either; select the right kind of lighting based on the general tone and dominant color of the room.

5. The kitchen is the first space that buyers led by agents take a look at. It is advised to spend on a bit of remodeling in the kitchen because the kitchen is the strongest selling point of any home. The money you spend will be covered because the price you receive will be enough to take care of that dent in your pocket and a lot more.

6. The most important factor for a buyer is something that they don’t even realize; a space that is too personalized will have very little chances of getting sold than a house that doesn’t feel homely. De-personalizing your home will give the buyers an opportunity to visualize the dynamics and nooks of the property that you probably couldn’t see before. A home stager can help you do that very well.

7. Pricing is the key to attracting the right kind of buyer. The ideal strategy would be to find out the real worth of your property and then shave at least 10 – 15 percent off the price. In the current market, chances are very high, that you will be swarmed by potential buyers. This is when you demand bids, giving you the upper hand over the selling price.