Interior Decorating to Fight Depression

interior and depression

Depression is complex. It’s a status of mind which can bring serious altercation with human behavior which ultimately upsets even the harmony of stability, in a broad sense. An uncontrolled state of depression seriously affects all the activities of any individual and brings far reaching biological and metabolic dysfunctions in their daily life.

Colors and light are wondrous resources for a more organic method to coping with depression There are interior ideas for your home designed to create a more balanced and comfortable environment for your home. Whether you are in german town, whites creek and midtown, here are Interior Decorating to Fight Depression:


Look around your home to invite direct sun, color and clean lines into the space. The National Institute of Health reports that natural light improves mood and energy, so open the curtains and raise the blinds. The science of using color to boost well-being, called chromotherapy, has been around for centuries and also is extremely helpful in healing depression. Take a look at your existing color palette of your home. Is it outdates, bland, or even washed out? Try introducing color by scattering candles in varied hues which will invite different colors to brighten your room.


A study from Intelligent Buildings International shows that clean lines, open areas and uncluttered space promote relaxation, so try to keep your home tidy. Not only can cleaning, in itself be therapeutic, but once your home is clean, it allows you to place less worry about the organization of your space, as it will already look and feel clean and tidy.


Color-spectrum therapy has been popular since the days of antiquity. In Western society, notions such as these have given way to the scientific understanding of light as electromagnetic energy, and of color, as being determined by its frequency. The possibility that the energy of light could interact with and affect a living organism motivated modern color-spectrum therapy, which became popular in 1877 when Englishmen Dawns and Blunt discovered the ability to cure rickets with ultraviolet light.  Here the scientific explanation is that ultraviolet radiation (which is a component of sunlight) enables a biochemical reaction in the skin that produces vitamin D, and thereby correcting the vitamin deficiency that causes rickets. It is also known that a specific kind of depression associated with the dark months of winter (called seasonal affective disorder) can be alleviated by exposure to a suitable artificial light source that mimics sunlight. Exposure of the retinas to this light seems to be important; the therapeutic mechanism may involve brain chemistry (neurotransmitters) affected by this exposure. Thus, there is at least some scientific basis for the idea that light can improve an individual’s health and well being – in turn Interior Decorating to Fight Depression


Earthy greens, soft purples, and rich blues has all been proven to enhance your space and deplete depressive states. Blue light calms the nerves and contributes to reducing depression.  Red increases the potency and physical strength, while violet rejuvenates us with the help of hormones of that color, such as melatonin.


Bring green plants to your environment. Gardening has been proven to be therapeutic for many individuals. Bring your plants inside for inspiration or create a garden out back and create your own tranquil space.

These tips are easy to accommodate for the outcome of a less-depressing and more enjoyable home. If you can dedicate a few minutes daily to them, very soon you will feel more energetic, invigorated, and happier than you’ve ever felt.