Kitchen Cabinet Painting Ideas


The worst thing that can happen to your gorgeous kitchen is some ugly paint. Cabinet painting can make all the difference in the beauty of your kitchen. Colors that are too bright can be too much in the morning, and the darker ones can make the start of your day a drab one. The ideas we have for you will allow you to bring the elegance you want in your precious kitchen.

The First thing is to select the base color because the color of the cabinets will not make a mark unless the contrasting background color is not right. Consider the colors based on the amount of light in the room, the installations already put up, the flooring, the counter top and the ceiling color, in the kitchen that will all complement the best of it. White and other light shades are the ideal choice for any new home or a remodeled kitchen since it has a fresh and clean fee to it. Try black, because nothing beats black cabinet frames over a light shaded base color. Plus, it works well for any style of kitchen, traditional or modern. Other than black, consider warmer shades like beige or dark brown, they complement granite or wooden counter tops like no other. Grey is another favorite, for it brings about that sophistication that any modern kitchen requires. If you’re the bold type, try black and red over a white base. It’s one of the most intense, yet elegant combinations

If you’re not a big fan of the darker hues, try lighter shades of blue, with a combination of white. The blue on white makes sure that the mornings aren’t too bright, keeping the freshness alive every morning you enter the kitchen for a fresh brew. Try an island green or a minty green on the white base, it’s just so refreshing that you wouldn’t want to leave the comfort of it, making meal preparation an absolute delight. Try a burnt orange shade over a white base, it has a certain warmth to it that many light combinations fail to provide. Another favorite is candy pink over a white base, it has a very show-stopper-esque feel to it that you will not be able to produce with any other shade. Try a sea-shell white over a light yellow base or a teal base, it’s the perfect two-toned kitchen color for any beach house.

The best way to make a kitchen colors cabinet stand out is to not just focus on the base wall and cabinet color, the flooring, and the ceiling colors or patterns make an enormous difference to the overall feel of the kitchen. When working with darker shades of green and blue over a white base, consider changing the flooring colors as well, this will not only complement the colors in the space, but also the overall look of the kitchen will be accentuated enough. Try painting the ceiling in a linen pattern, with the most prominent shade as a base color, and feel the kitchen come alive in its newly found glory.