Paint Color Of The Year 2016


Now that we’ve rolled into the new year it’s the season for bringing in the PPG’s paint color of the year 2016. Many consumers are excited to find new hues that compliment the aesthetic of their interior decor. PPG is calling Paradise Found a winner for 2016. As this new green with blue undertone is hitting the scene, we are taking a moment to cherish its distinct beauty. Paradise found offers a sense of ease, safety and strength. With families that are ever-changing and welcoming new furniture, family members, and life’s ups and downs, Paradise Found offers a beautiful interpretation on having a positive outlook on any kind of living environment. This hue is ideal for interior, exterior or even accents.

“Paradise Found is an organic, aloe green with an undertone of blue that offers at once a subtle, but serious sense of ease and rejuvenation. It is a steadfast, impenetrable color that fills today’s consumers need for sturdy reassurance against the growing threats to global, national and cyber security.”

-PPG / The Voice of Color