Painting for the Fall


With the summer officially gone, exterior house painting might seem a bit tricky. Although it is very doable, there are a few variables that must be taken into account. The obvious one, weather, will have some scratching their heads.

Be sure to avoid temperatures below 45 degrees, so that stain and sealer can properly cure. Try not to make too big of plans on weather days that are potentially rainy.

pressure washing siding

As for pressure washing, seemingly follow the same regimen as summer. When dealing with mold or mildew, bleach and then pressure wash the specific exterior area. After doing so, wait over night for lumber to dry. If the lumber happens to be new, wait one season for new materials to weather in order for the timber to receive stain and/or sealer. Ideally, once the exterior area has been sealed and/or stained, allow 48 hours for product to cure completely.

With these few helpful steps, we ensure fall house painting will be made easier than expected.