Painting Hardwood Floors

dr oliver bronson house, hudson ny

During the holiday weekend, I found myself watching The Bourne Legacy. The movie was entertaining but what caught my eye was this beautiful, old house. The painted hardwoods are exquisite. From a bit of research, I’ve discovered that it was a set modeled after the Dr. Oliver Bronson House in Hudson, NY.

I realized that I’ve been seeing a lot of painted hardwood floors show up recently in ads for Anthropologie and all over Pinterest. Even though clear-coated hardwood floors have become the norm, painted hardwoods were once a staple of interior design. From decorative patterns to monochromatic palates, painted wood floors were extremely popular in American homes in the late 1700s. This was not only for aesthetic reasons, but paint also helped protect the wide-plank pine floors popular at the time. Now that this style is making a comeback in contemporary homes, the possibilities are endless.

painted stripes on hardwood floor
painted rug area

Use a transitional style or create your own design to have a painted area rug with colors that coordinate with the room.

cottage bedroom
painted kitchen floor

White painted floors can vary in style from clean and crisp to cottage or beach inspired. Scuffs and scratches are not a worry because they add a distressed charm.

numbers painted on stairs

Stair risers are another place to add a pop of color to your home. Multicolored hues would be appealing to the eye.

painted tiles in kitchen

For an artistic and unique look, mix in multiple colors. Make a room look bigger with stripes or a black and white checkered board pattern.

painted floor design using stencil

Since painting hardwood floors is a quick project, it can hide flaws and imperfections in the floor, and it is easy to maintain with just a mop with soap and water; we couldn’t resist the urge at my office. Please let us know if we can help you design and paint your hardwood floors.

painting office floor