PPG Color Visualizer Trends: NASHVILLE

We recently stumbled across Porter Paint’s Color Visualizer called “The Voice of Color,” and we are IMPRESSED! There are many applications you can run within the program, but today we are going to talk about what you can do within the Designer Collections tab. EXCITING STUFF FOLKS!

voice of color

There are many collections to explore, but we chose to play around with the “Nashville” Color Collection within the Regional Trends…because…well, obviously we are painters in Nashville.

regional color trends

Once you are inside of the Nashville paint trend, you will see that there are pre-selected colors, as well as rooms that represent the colors.

nashville color trends

When you click on the rooms, you will see all of the paint colors from the collection used.

nashville bedroom color trend

I love that they show colors used for interior paint as well as exterior paint on the shutters and siding. They even painted the rocking chairs!

nashville porch color palette

If you are not feeling the paint used in the model rooms, you can just click on a color and a whole palette will appear; giving you options for ceiling paint and trim paint, as well as accent colors.

nashville red palette

You can also easily click “add to project” and assign the colors to a specific room, or “add to shopping list” and save the colors in your cart. The program makes it incredibly easy to pick out paint colors and store them for your project.

nashville black color palette

If you know that your home needs an update, but you aren’t feeling inspired…this program is a great asset to explore. Not only are you presented with colors in a collection, but each color has been carefully paired with corresponding colors to complete the look of an entire room. You can even share the shopping list you create with your professional painter (US!) so that you can have the best paint job in town!