Removing Paint

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You’re face to face with an old paint job and you’re dying to find a way to start fresh. Removing paint from any surface can pose challenges if you don’t have the right supplies or techniques for a successful paint removal. People often put off paint removal projects due to the time involved. You can make the paint removal endeavor go a bit faster if you use a few of these tips. You can also hire a professional to help you in the Nashville area.


Try removing the paint by sanding or scraping methods. Use a spackling applicator, also known as a sparkle remover to remove layers of paint from flat surfaces. Make sure when you do this you are motioning with the grain of the wood to avoid any damage to your furniture. Try using a steel brush to remove paint from furnishings. With this tool you can get in those pesky crevices  and moldings that are sensitive or hard to reach. You can try using an electric hand-held sander to remove paint but be advised: you should only use this method if you are comfortable with the sanding device. A lot of paint may require a sander and if you are unsure about using this, we advise you to just call a professional.

Use Heat

When using a heat gun to remove paint to remove paint from a variety of surfaces, this can minimize inevitable damage that may come from scraping methods. Many use this method for removing paint for that very reason. When removing paint from wood, make sure you have positioned the heat gun 5 inches away and proceed to making a left to right movement. Remember staying in one spot could cause damage to the surface area.

Paint Strippers Are Your Friends

Paint strippers are likely sought after for removing paint. Find paint strippers that come in the form of brushable, spray, liquid and even aerosols. Liquids can be the best for detail areas but are usually only good for removing a layer or two of paint. Brushable paint removers are thick and can remove multiple layers of paint – usually up to 10. If you go the spray-route, you’ll see that this is the best method when trying to remove thin layers rather than thick. Aerosols have become the most convenient of all methods and can tackle a variety of surfaces, layers, and overall paint removal jobs. Aerosols even work wonders for intricate surface areas.

Do yourself a favor and evaluate if this is a job for you or if hiring a professional is the way to go. These tips are key when prepping furniture and various surfaces for a fresh paint job. It is tempting to take the short cut and just paint over the old paint but be doing this will cause many inconsistencies, an unprofessional turn out making you frustrated that you didn’t do the job properly the first time.

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