Concrete, Fence & Deck Staining & Sealing

The ever-changing weather extremes of Middle Tennessee wreak havoc on your wood decks and fences, it’s important to give them the protection a wood stain can offer. A new stain job is preventing damage from things like water, UV rays and mold, all while adding to its appeal and resale value. But applying stain is not without its problems, so this is exactly why bringing in a contractor for the job will guarantee the project is completed with top quality and results.

staining wooden walkway

Prep & Power Washing

Staining an outdoor wooden fence or deck takes patience and can be a messy job. And what to do about those bushes in the way? The House Painters have learned a few tricks and tips over the last 13 years and can stain your project with ease. We’ll start by choosing the best pro grade stains and waterproofing that will compliment the pine, cedar, redwood, or spruce woodgrain. Two of woods biggest enemies are dry rot and wet rot if left untreated and at the mercy of mother nature. Staining and sealing a wooden fence or deck annually will prolong the life and help protect against the harsh elements, bugs and insects, while adding warmth and beauty to the wood.  First, we’ll power wash the fence or deck to remove dirt and impurities to prep it for staining.

staining steps

Staining & Sealing Application

Once the deck or fence is dry we’ll apply a beautiful coat of professional grade oil based stain if you like the look of wood grain. Some high grade oil based stains are easier on the environment because of their natural ingredients and don’t contain paraffin or other synthetic properties like their cheaper counterparts. Water based stain is another option and can be layered on to create deeper tones. Using a sprayer, roller and brushes, we’ll seal the deck or fence to its saturation point, ensuring maximum coverage and flawless finish. Give the stain about 72 hours to cure and you’ll be enjoying the fruits of our labor in no time!

So if you have an outdoor area that needs a little preventative medicine, give us a call and we’ll make sure it gets stained, painted and protected by some of the greatest contractors Nashville has to offer. We like to think outside of the box – If you’ve got patio furniture or a treehouse that needs some love, be sure to let us know!

staining treehouse

Concrete Staining & Sealing

If you’re stressing about the high cost of brand new wood floors or laminate, why not consider concrete floors? Our concrete staining techniques can make your home remodel look stunning (and expensive)! Are you walking on a slab of boring concrete day after day? We’ll help you achieve the look you desire whether it be a luscious pop of color sealed with a high-gloss resin, or the look of Italian marble. Consider transforming the kids’ basement playroom floor into a three-color racetrack! Even your back patio will look smashing after we create a custom color with top-of-the-line concrete stains, dyes and tints.

The House Painters have multiple crews of contractors ready to tackle all of your painting, staining & sealing needs. When we arrive we’ll get right to work so that you can have your home back to yourself as soon as possible… and definitely looking better than ever. No matter the size or scope of the task at hand, we can design a contract to fit your needs.

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From our clients…

Dear Brendon Sherwood and The House Painters Team, Thank you for playing a key role in the Nashville treehouse project. Our team truly would not have been able to make this project happen without your team’s expertise. We appreciate your services and hope that we are able to work together again in the future. We want everyone to know how much we enjoyed working with your team! Thanks again for your valuable contribution to this project. To the trees! Sincerely, The Nelson Treehouse and Supply Team
5/5 Stars