Spring Painting


Spring is easing in whether Punxsutawney Phil predicts it or not. Now is the time for homeowners to begin thinking about the spring cleaning that occurs outdoors. This means fresh exterior house paint from The House Painters. Paint performs differently when applied during spring’s mild climate versus near-freezing temperatures.

Top 3 Reasons Spring Painting is ideal:

  1. the smell of paint disperses quicker in the warmth
  2. this is the season for the most comfortable painting
  3. paint dries quicker in warmer climates allowing The House Painters to apply all necessary coats the very same day

If you haven’t had your house painted for 10 years or more, you’ll have to tend to many impurities and you’re even risking exposed wood to chip, rot, and other minor to severe problems. Tackling exterior house painting jobs before damage begins is key. Otherwise, you are facing costly repairs that must begin prior to your house painting. You’re ensured the most durable, protective finish when the weather is mild. By painting in moderate weather, you’ll likely get a longer-lasting paint job.To extend the life of your paint job, The House Painters applies the most premiere 100% acrylic latex paint for durability and longevity.

What’s Your Spring Color?

Who said pastel was the only way to go for spring? Come up with a palette that is right for you. We’re not knocking shades of pink, yellow, blue and green, but don’t limit yourself to primary colors or your easter pastels. Lighting and window treatments may fluctuate from home to home so keep this in mind when selecting a color.

It’s great living in a part of the world that experiences all four seasons and spring is certainly the most beautiful. Chances are, you’re probably overdue to brighten up your place and may even be considering painting every room. Just as much as you love your dark space, it’s time to bring some fresh and vibrant colors in.

When I imagine spring colors the very first color that springs to mind is yellow or green but the options are truly limitless.  Spring will bring a lot of natural color around your home whether it’s a tree or fresh tulips. Since spring is here for such a short time, you’ll want to think of painting your home a color that is just as lovely for any other season. When you renew your home with vibrant coats of quality paint, you give yourself and your home a positive energy for spring.

We’ll come spruce up any exterior spring painting and give it the TLC it deserves. We can match existing paint colors or offer you the opportunity to explore a new color palette. Show us a home that inspires you so we can do our best to achieve the same look for your residence. Once you’ve finished your exterior painting, you can turn your attention to the other things on your spring to-do list.