THP’s 2017 Spring Paint Picks

Spring’s been flirting with us. One day it’s chilly and the next, it’s over 72 degrees and we’re whipping out our cut-offs. There’s always going to be a new color catching the spotlight for each season. This Spring we wanted to share a few of our favorites that we insist you incorporate for your next paint project. Whether it’s exterior or interior, for a door or an attic turned bedroom, we hope you find a little bit of inspiration and use it as a green light to spring forward in a beautiful way. Here are our 2017 Spring Paint Picks.

Uptown Taupe

photo by: Porter Paints PPG

When you’re between beige and pink, you’ll find yourself nose-deep in a paint catalog looking for Uptown Taupe. Its warm tone is great for a bedroom or a bathroom. This one made the top of our list for THP’s 2017 Spring Paint Picks.


photo by: Porter Paints PPG

When we think of dark shades, we instantly think of fall and winter but that’s not the case with Blackberry. Its richness gives us plum but for Spring’s sake, we’re team blackberry.

Phoenix Fossil

photo by: Porter Paints PPG


If you’re a minimalist and love bringing warm woody tones out, Phoenix fossil reigns. This is perfect for living rooms but also great for guest rooms. Pairs well with white furniture and an old Lineberry cart turned coffee table.