Wes Anderson Color Palettes

Are you a Wes Anderson fan, because we are at The House Painters. One of our favorite quirks about his films is his use of 70s-influences color palettes. Before seeing Bill Murray’s face, you can tell it’s a Wes Anderson film.

Local Nashville graphic designer, Beth Matthews at Beth Matthews Designs has made things a bit easier with this amazing representation of the color palettes from some of our favorite movies.

We are excited by just looking at the options: “Moonrise Kingdom” inspired playroom for the kids (tents and lightning strikes optional) or how about a “Rushmore” inspired office? We would be more than happy to paint any room while wearing “The Life Aquatic” red beanies.

And don’t forget, November 30th is Small Business Saturday so head over to Beth Matthews website and order some holiday cards through her Etsy page.