Why Popcorn Ceilings Suck!

thp (11)

For more than aesthetic reasons, it’s about time to have that outdated acoustic “popcorn” ceiling removed from your home. We all know these ceilings are dust magnets. The constant circle of brushing with a broom to remove dust (and about a billion pieces of popcorn) and then vacuuming said dust and billion pieces of popcorn.

The texture was meant to absorb noise but instead it seems to absorb everything else including smells. Anything from pet, perfumes, and cooking odors are incapsulated into the texture. This will cause discoloration and stains. It is nearly impossible to paint without wasting gallons and those stains will bleed through in a few days.

If all of this wasn’t bad enough, it gets worse. Due to its dry and brittle makeup, there are a lot of minute particles of popcorn dust circulating through your home. If you have asthma, allergies to dust, or other breathing issues, removing this type of textured ceiling should be a serious consideration.