Modern Inglewood Flip

With this home we did a full pressure wash of exterior brick and trim, this includes all windows, fascia and soffits. This service included a mold and mildew inhibitor.

We then prime sealed all brick and tuck-pointing with appropriate masonry primer. Once cured, preparation continued. Tuck-pointing touch ups as needed, all raw lumber, including windows and doors, were oil primed.

Then we pre-painted, and caulked the fascia, around the doors, and windows, filled nail holes with putty, all to ensure a weather tight seal.

We went straight to painting the James hardy weatherboards as they come pre-primed from the manufacturer.

All brick top coated, sprayed, and back rolled with a one inch sheep skin roller sleeve to ensure 100% coverage in every crevice, nook, and cranny with flat latex finish.

To follow, all trim was top coated with two coats of latex satin finish. “Tada!” put the house on the marker. Investor, wore that smile all the way to the bank.