East Nashville Office

The House Painters spend a lot of time out of the office, but we figured if we were going to have to work in an office at all, it was going to be one we loved.

We share an office space with some amazing folks that keep us inspired and on our toes. But let us add that we are located right above Barista Parlor, so there is never a shortage of great coffee.

When we spend our life helping others decorate spaces, it is always a joy to find a chance to do it for ourselves. This room was a fun project and it’s been awesome to have a place we are proud to welcome people into.

How we painted the office

Once the office was cleared, we then removed the hideous linoleum baseboards, primed the dark brown accent wall to ensure coverage of our off white top coats.

Every corner joint where the walls met the hardwood, around the windows, and doors were caulked. Every nail hole filled, with spackle, and where the faux baseboards once were we skimmed with dry wall mud. Once everything had dried, we sanded until perfectly smooth and level.

We cut and rolled the ceiling with a flat finish latex interior paint and custom off white color. Then we cut and rolled the walls with an interior washable ceramic matte Finish and color matched the off white ceiling.

Hardwood floor was prepped, cleaned and de-greased. 3 coats of a high gloss custom mustard color was painted on with floor enamel to follow. Then the room was finished off with carpentry and fixtures. Success!!!