Inglewood Brick Home

This baby needed some serious pressure washing. Mold and mildew? No problem, we had it removed in no time! All it takes is a some bleach and water.

Once the house was dry, touch ups on the tuck-pointing commenced. Mason primer was sprayed on and back rolled with a one-inch sheepskin roller.

Outdated 70’s lemon Stucco was sprayed out and back rolled in client’s desired light grey.

All trim was prepped, caulked, spot primed and repainted in a cream/ivory satin finish with high-end exterior latex paint.

All brick was the sprayed and back rolled with desired dark grey flat exterior latex paint giving it a modern look. Not only does painting brick change the look and curb appeal of ones house, but it also ensures a water tight weather and temperature seal, lowers energy cost by making heating and cooler more efficient and preserves your Victorian beauty.

“Badda bing, badda boom!” Bloody beautiful.