4 Critical Things To Consider Before Buying a Home

Buying a home is one of the most significant financial decisions that you can make and it’s no wonder homeowners have a few tips of their own when you’re in the market. Everything from where to settle down, the price of the home, and the size of the home is assessed.  Below are some of the […]

Best Painters In Nashville

Best of Nashville 2017

THE HOUSE PAINTERS were voted Nashville Scene’s BEST PAINTER IN NASHVILLE from 2012-2017. We at The House Painters would like to extend our thanks to all of Nashville for voting for us as the Best Painters in town! We are truly humbled and excited to continue providing superior service that has gained us this reputation. […]

Our Thoughts And Prayers Are With Las Vegas

On behalf of the entire House Painters team, we’re sending our love to the victims and families of those affected by another senseless act in a land we call safe. Police in Las Vegas say at least 58 people have been killed in what may be the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. Another 200+ […]

How To Create The Perfect Sleep Environment

After running around for a full day or plugging away on your laptop, you look forward to coming home to a comfortable, soothing environment and of course, a good night’s sleep. Creating your perfect sleep sanctuary is easier than you think because sometimes it takes a little more than Tempurpedic to get you to sleep […]

Best of Nashville 2017 Voting

Best of Nashville 2017

The House Painters is arguably the best painting services provider in Nashville if not the entire world. Our commitment towards delivering exemplary services is more than enough proof why our services are highly sought after. So, have you voted for us to scoop the best house painter’s award? Do not miss out on this opportunity […]

Reasons You Shouldn’t Paint Your Own House

Due to the high cost of life in the XXI century, lately, the world has been facing this new DIY (Do It Yourself) trend. As its name professes, this new wave consists of doing everything on your own without the help of a professional or a specialist in the field. There are even social networks […]

Signs Your House Painter Doesn’t Really Know What They Are Doing

Our house is the most important place in our lives. It is where we rest and spend the most amazing moments beside our loved ones. Hence, the moment we embark on any improvements, we need to hire the most qualified persona that our budget allows. Somebody that we know is going to make us feel happy […]

27 Online Websites to Find Minimalist Home Décor

Keeping your home clutter-free while also wanting to make it stand out doesn’t have to be a hard task. By now you’ve probably got about two or three go-to decor spots online. Time to broaden your horizons! From high style to retro chic, these are some of the best websites to find minimalist home décor […]

The Best Summer Decor For Your Home

Once the days start to warm up and you can leave your windows open at night, the time has come to give your home a summer make-over. Everything has been stuck inside your home all winter and the time has come to air it out. Also, you’ll want your space to have that summery feel […]

What To Do When You Find Mold In Your Home

1. Remove Moldy Carpet You can easily scrub away surface mold in bathrooms, showers, decks with a 1-8 bleach water solution. However, mold grows in discrete regions that you won’t notice until you start seeing surface staining or detect a musty smell. If you have to large mold covering more than 2-3 square feet having […]